Biopharmaceuticals manufactured with precision and efficiency, backed up with a global ppc campaign and digtial marketing.

Vibalogics are at the cutting edge of the development and manufacturing of tomorrow’s biopharmaceuticals, specialising in Virus and Bacteria.

Based in Cuxhaven, Germany we had the privilege of working with some of the top minds in the field to develop a site that was focussed on potential clients. To get the best from the expert knowledge we headed to Cuxhaven for a 3 day meeting with the CEO and heads of departments.

The unique and interesting aspect was the condensed time frame in which to gen-up and glean the required knowledge to kick start the development of their new digital ecosystem; It is true what they say about German efficiency and attention to detail. This project evolved in the digital and traditional design spaces with new website, supporting marketing literature and exhibition stands all crafted to give a new sense of continuity throughout the business.

We continue to provide a rich experience for potential Vibalogics clients and Vibalogics themselves; The journey and experience of the brand, from initial capture via the global PPC and SEO campaign, through to their first active bio-pharmaceutical project has a consistent, distinctive and refreshing feel.

Pushing the brand towards the mids that matter to Vibalogics is the backbone to our work now and supporting the marketing team with a global PPC and SEO campaign we are constantly promoting the brand in areas that are usually out of reach. The attention to detail in such a highly expert sector is the driving factor behind the constant research and development that goes on behind the scenes that as a result continues to provide a very stable and gently increasing return on investment for Vibalogics.

Working with the team at Pure Emerald has been fun and very fruitful. I was amazed to see the length at which they will go in the pursuit of knowledge of their customers activities and disciplines.
The highly expert field in which we operate means that research, development and refining is a constant cycle and it’s their commitment to this process that has proved successful. The many and frequent small gains have lead to huge opportunities and quite substantial returns on our investment. Thank you guys!

John Shaw – Head of Business Development at

Some of the project process and facets deployed and currently managed for Vibalogics’progression in the digital wilderness:

  • Brand Management
  • Marketing and Exhibition Collateral
  • Website Development
  • PPC
  • SEO
  • Analysis & Strategy

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